Search Central Search Engine Plugin For Firefox and Internet Explorer

Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE) offer their users the ability to search the internet using different search engines that you can choose from within each browser. Ironically, both browsers have their search engine boxes located at the top right hand corner of the browser window. By clicking on the arrow that points down, you can select the search engine that you want to use from the drop down list and then type your search terms in the space provided and press the Enter key or click the magnifying glass to execute your search. The usual … Continue Reading “Search Central Search Engine Plugin For Firefox and Internet Explorer”

Monetizing WordPress Plugins

If you have a minute or two to spare and are interested in monetizing your WordPress plugins, take a look at Lorelle on WordPress. She has a great post on how you can optimize your posts for search engine ranking along with how to make money using WordPress plugins. There are so many ways to do these things that it may take you a while try them all, if that is your intention. The suggestions are quite good and they are easy to implement, for the most part. This girl surely does a lot of research and best … Continue Reading “Monetizing WordPress Plugins”

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