Kit Cellular Shopping Mall: Compare Prices and Save

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner and I am sure that you are looking for great deals to help you stretch every penny you have to the max. In order to do that, it is imperative that you always shop around for what you want before making a purchase. Even though a deal may seem good to you at one store, there may be another store close by that has the same items you want at even better prices. To make it easier for you to compare prices before you buy, … Continue Reading “Kit Cellular Shopping Mall: Compare Prices and Save”

KIT Cellular Affiliate Program

Are you interested in offering wireless products to your customers or starting your own online wireless storefront business? Apply for the KIT Cellular Affiliate Program and get started today! The KIT Cellular program offers generous commission payouts and a large selection of wireless products and solutions to cover the broad spectrum of customers’ mobile communications needs. Become an affiliate today by going to

You get all of the following when you join our Free Affiliate Program:

Free Membership – There is absolutely no cost to join our affiliate program! There are no hidden fees or membership costs to remain … Continue Reading “KIT Cellular Affiliate Program”

Sign Up A T-Mobile Account And Pay No Activation Fee

Right now you can sign up for a T-Mobile account and save the $35 activation fee. That’s right. If you click here and sign up now, the $35 activation fee that is usually charged will be waived. This offer ends on December 21, 2011, which by the way is today! This promotion only applies to New Accounts and Add-a-Lines. T-Mobile has a number of mobile phones from which you can choose when you sign up. You can choose from Blackberries to Samsung Galaxies to LG Optimus, and lots more. But remember that to benefit from this promotion, you must sign … Continue Reading “Sign Up A T-Mobile Account And Pay No Activation Fee”

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