Make Money Online With Random AlertPay Payments

Many people today are struggling to make money online. It is hard enough trying to get a regular job let alone getting one online. But there are ways you can invest some of what you already have and make returns on that investment time and time again. If you have an AlertPay account with a little money in it and would like to see money piling in, then you can think about making a small investment on Random AlertPay Cash. The process is quite simple. You start out by paying a $2 sponsorship fee to … Continue Reading “Make Money Online With Random AlertPay Payments”

Payment Processors You Can Use

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There has been such an explosion of new payment processors over the past 10 years that it has become rather difficult to figure which ones you can rely on. Here are 3 that have been tried and tested and are used by millions of people worldwide:

(1) PayPal   paypal-logo
(2) MoneyBookers   moneybookers
(3) AlertPay   alertpay

You can visit each site and make your choice. PayPal is the most popular and most used one, especially by persons who buy and sell on eBay. Many companies also use PayPal as an additional means of collecting payments, the others … Continue Reading “Payment Processors You Can Use”

$1 AlertPay Randomizer

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It’s been a while since we have heard about randomizers. For those of you who may not know, randomizers rotate your affiliate link of the particular randomizer program that allows you to make money each time someone signs up using your link. The cost to join each randomize site varies. There is, however, a $1 AlertPay Randomizer that you can join right now that allows you to get instant $1 payments into your AlertPay account. You can join AlertPay for free.

To join the $1 AlertPay Randomizer is very easy. All you have … Continue Reading “$1 AlertPay Randomizer”

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