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Summer Fishing Guide

With summer just around the corner, many fishing enthusiasts are looking forward to going out on the lake or going out to sea to enjoy some relaxing time fishing to their heart’s content.

Whether you are going solo or with friends, I am quite sure that you are looking forward to a great catch.

However, as with any adventure, it is always good to be prepared.

Here are some great ways to prepare yourself for your fishing adventure, as well as some fishing tips that I am sure will make a difference in how well your catch goes.

Preparation TipsContinue Reading “Summer Fishing Guide”

Rest and Relax – Chill Out On Your Very Own Hammock

The lazy days of summer are just around the corner and I am sure that you have it all planned out.

The pandemic has stressed you out and you really need some time to relax and unwind under the bright blue skies.

But, the reality of it is that you do not have to wait until summer to relax. No, because as the saying goes, “there’s no time like the present.”

A wonderfully relaxing way to spend some me-time is on a Sunnydaze Hammock that has been perfectly set in that open spot in your backyard that has been begging … Continue Reading “Rest and Relax – Chill Out On Your Very Own Hammock”

3 Reasons Why Floridians Should Have a Tiki Hut

If you live in the state of Florida, tiki huts are a familiar sight. Have you ever thought about having one built for yourself? Here are 3 reasons why Floridians should consider including a tiki hut in their landscaping plan.

Florida Tiki Hut

1. Tropical Design

The unique thatch-roofed tiki hut design stirs up sentiments of summer. Tiki huts allow users to be transported to an island paradise every time they step outside the door. The possibilities for tiki hut functionality are endless. For example, many people choose to convert their tiki huts to tiki bars. These iconic structures give … Continue Reading “3 Reasons Why Floridians Should Have a Tiki Hut”

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