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EOS Water Ionizers

EOS Water Ionizers are the highest quality water ionizers in the market. The plates come from the Heesung metal company of Japan, the highest rated metal company for making platinized titanium plates. EOS has an exclusive contract with Heesung for their plates so no other water ionizer company has them. They are also the only plates with patented slotted plate technology, which evenly spreads the electrical current over the entire plate, avoiding hotspots. This means EOS water ionizers have powerful and precise ionization that you can count on for years. In fact, we back our plates with a lifetime guarantee. … Continue Reading “EOS Water Ionizers”

Air Filters and Purifiers


Clean air and water are what we all need in order to stay healthy. That is why there are so many different brands and types of water and air filters. Just focusing on air filters alone makes you realize how important they are and enlighten us to the different applications in which they can be used. For example, there are AC Filters, Furnace Filters, Humidifier Filters, Industrial Air Filters, and even UV Air Treatment Filters. These all help to clean the air clean, preventing us from getting sick.

When you go out to buy air filters, it is always … Continue Reading “Air Filters and Purifiers”

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