Cosplaying, Anime, And Video Games

Whilst cosplay is rumoured to have been started in Japan, that is a point that is otherwise debated. It is widely stated that Forrest J. Ackerman started the trend of fan-based costumes in 1939 in Caravan Hall, New York, at the 1st World Science Convention which marked his debut of Myrtle R. Douglas’ futuristic costume. The term “cosplay” was coined in 1984 by Nov Takahashi, whilst he attended a science-fiction convention in Los Angeles. The costume masquerade stunned him so much that he wrote about it in Japanese sci-fi magazines. “Cosplay” is a word meaning “Costume play”. Combining the two … Continue Reading “Cosplaying, Anime, And Video Games”

How To Draw Anime

Drawing anime characters has become a hobby for many persons who have a great liking for anime cartoons. Anime cartoons tend to have their roots in Japanese and Korean culture but they are very famous all over the world. All those who like to draw these anime creations can do it on their own way – they just need to have a flair for drawing.

Step 1:

Get to know different types of genres and characters of anime cartoons. You are supposed to know what type of a character you want to draw, belonging to which genre of anime series. … Continue Reading “How To Draw Anime”

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