Installing Joomla and Stuck at Step 4: Database Information

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I must admit, if ever there was a content management system that I really like it is Joomla. Believe me, it is very easy to use, and the back end is very powerful. You can use it to set up any type of website that you can imagine or desire. I have used it on a couple of my websites already and I am looking forward to using it on yet others in the future.

Now, to the issue at hand. The other day I was installing … Continue Reading “Installing Joomla and Stuck at Step 4: Database Information”

How To Get WordPress 2.8 Post Tags To Save

I have been having no ends of problems with the new WordPress 2.8 as it relates to saving Post Tags. I can type them in, but they won’t save when I click the Save Draft or Publish buttons. Below is a graphic of the area I am talking about.


What I came to realize is that there were some plugins that were causing the problem. So, I simply deactivated all of them and then re-activated them one at a time. Before re-activating any of them though, I tried saving Post Tags and, lo and behold, it worked! So I re-activated … Continue Reading “How To Get WordPress 2.8 Post Tags To Save”

How To Get Rid of Browser Connection Errors

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It is an all too familiar situation. You open your browser and immediately get a connection error. There are many reasons why this happens. Here are two common errors, along with suggested ways to fix the problem:

(1) No internet connection – If you get an error stating that no internet connection is available, ensure that your DSL Modem is turned on, has the phone line connected to it, and that the CAT5 cable is connected from the back of the computer to the Modem. Also ensure that you have a dial tone … Continue Reading “How To Get Rid of Browser Connection Errors”

How To Adjust The Size of an Image

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This is one of the easiest things to do. First off though, many persons do not know how to do it, so this is actually for them. Let’s say that you have an image or graphic that you need on your website but it is too large and you need to scale it down, or it may be too small so you need to increase its size. You would need to adjust the height and width of the image to a size that will fit better on your page. The general code for … Continue Reading “How To Adjust The Size of an Image”

How To Highlight Text on Web Pages

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make a line or sentence or word stand out on your web pages without having to change the font colour to red or making it bold? Well, there is a way. You can try highlighting the text. The neat thing about it is that you can choose whatever highlight colour you want to use. This is the same principle that is used for sticky posts on forums and it is very easy to do.

Let us say that I wanted to use a yellow highlight to … Continue Reading “How To Highlight Text on Web Pages”

How To Get Text to Blink on Your Web Pages

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Ever wondered how webmasters and programmers get text to blink on web pages? This is what I am talking about: This Text is Blinking!

It is very easy to do. Simply write the text that you want to see blinking and wrap this code around it: <blink>YOUR TEXT</blink>.

So, in order for the words above that are blinking to blink, my code was: <blink>This Text is Blinking!</blink>

That is how easy it is. Give it a try and see for yourself. Now you will be able to make important points stand out … Continue Reading “How To Get Text to Blink on Your Web Pages”

How To Clean Your Shoes

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It may sound like a no-brainer, but believe me not everyone knows how to properly clean their shoes. So here are a few tips to keep in mind:

(1) When cleaning shoes made of leather, use a damp piece of cloth to first wipe away any dust or dirt that may be on it. Allow to dry for about 2 minutes and then apply shoe polish using a shoe brush or soft piece of dry cloth. Allow to dry for about an hour and then shine it off with the shoe brush or … Continue Reading “How To Clean Your Shoes”

How To Sharpen a Machete

A tool that we are all familiar with is the machete. It is used to perform many tasks like chopping wood, cutting cane, cutting meat, chopping grass, and felling trees. Over time and through constant use, it can get dull. This may seem odd but many people do not know how to properly sharpen a machete. It is quite simple in fact. All you really need is a machete file or a sharpening stone or a grinder.

If you are using a machete file, simply place the tip of the machete against a sold surface (preferably a tree as this … Continue Reading “How To Sharpen a Machete”

How To Remove Mildew and Mold From Your Walls and Ceiling

Here is another great â₁“How To” article. The other day after some heavy rains, the ceiling of my house started looking black. I realized that it was mildew which had formed because the time was cold and not much sun was around to warm the place up. A friend of mine made a suggestion as to how to get rid of the mildew. At first I was apprehensive but then decided to try it – and it worked! Now, this is not a paid post nor are there any links for you to click on to go buy any affiliate … Continue Reading “How To Remove Mildew and Mold From Your Walls and Ceiling”

Anti-Identity Theft

Each year, there are millions of persons who are victims of Identity Theft. It certainly is not a trivial mater and definitely cannot be fun for those who have fallen victim to it. Some pay the consequences many years after the incident. Individuals who spend a lot of time online need to be aware of the threat, but unfortunately many are not. As such, they do not have any systems in place to prevent it from happening to them. Scarily enough, the average victim spends over 600 hours and $16,000 sorting out the problem. And Internet users are FIFTY TIMES … Continue Reading “Anti-Identity Theft”

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