Proven Way to Get Rid of Certain Windows Operating System Installation Errors

It can be quite annoying when you are using your computer and all of a sudden the blue screen of death, aka BSOD, suddenly pops up.

Recently, I was re-installing Windows XP (yes, you heard right) on a desktop computer. Everything was going fine until a setup error occurred.

The specific error was “setupdd.sys could not be loaded. Error code 4. Setup cannot continue.” So, you can imagine how shocked I was as there was no problem earlier.

I initially thought there were bad sectors on the hard drive that were causing the problem. I then remembered an issue I … Continue Reading “Proven Way to Get Rid of Certain Windows Operating System Installation Errors”

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Clean Away Computer Errors, Malware and Clutter

Over time, computers can start to run slowly and perform erratically. RegCure Pro fixes errors, removes malware and cleans away junk files to restore speed and performance. This means the end of frustrating freezes, computer crashes and an overall slow PC. As well, RegCure Pro has great tools to optimize for improved performance. It can improve startup speeds, defrag the hard disk to improve memory usage, disable unwanted Browser Helper Objects to optimize your browsing experience, stop unneeded resources that suck up valuable resources and more.

RegCure Pro is the best way to clean your registry and optimize your PC. … Continue Reading “Clean Away Computer Errors, Malware and Clutter”

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