Property Management Software

Are you a landlord and manage one or more properties or units?

If you said “yes” to that question, you already know how hard it can be to not only manage your properties but also to collect rent from your tenants on-time.

I am sure that anyone who is in your position would give anything to make collecting rent a lot easier than it is now!

Right now you can start relaxing and stop worrying about all that because there is a property management software that you can access that is simple and easy to setup.

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Installing WordPress on MAMP Video Tutorials

There are hundeds of thousands of individuals and companies that use WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS). There are just as many websites that are powered by WordPress, including this one.

Chances are that you are also interested in using WordPress to power your website or blog or vlog or whatever other type of site that you want to run.

Installing WordPress is fairly easy and takes just a few minutes. If you want to practice installing it on your local computer, you can use MAMP (My Apache, PHP, MySQL) which is a local server environment that imitates the … Continue Reading “Installing WordPress on MAMP Video Tutorials”

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