TeamViewer vs. AnyDesk – My Thoughts on Both

There comes a times when we all need to remotely access our computers, whether at work or at home.

There are a number of software that allow you to get this access, allowing you to transfer files, perform data entry, engage in troubleshooting processes, and so on.

Two popular remote access programs that many persons use are TeamViewer and AnyDesk.

My personal preference is AnyDesk. This because I do not usually have any connection issues with it and I have never been prevented from using it based on what may be considered commercial use.

I do not use either software … Continue Reading “TeamViewer vs. AnyDesk – My Thoughts on Both”

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How to Tell if Your Business is Eligible for Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Relief

Do you own a business?

Was your business affected during the heights of the pandemic?

Is your business eligible for Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Relief?

Watch the video below to see if your business qualifies for the ERC Relief from the government.

Then visit ERTCRefunds to fill out a brief questionnaire to find out if you qualify.

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Tax Reduction Service for Small Businesses

Based on recent studies, it was revealed that about 93% of small businesses are overpaying on taxes.

When you operate a small business, taxes can play an integral role in breaking it, especially if your revenue is below a certain threshold.

You have employees who count on you to stay open so that they can support their families financially and otherwise.

Then there are the vendors from whom you make purchases who also rely on your small business to keep their own businesses going on a daily basis.

More importantly, you, the small business owner, have your own family and … Continue Reading “Tax Reduction Service for Small Businesses”

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Dealing With Heart Burn

Heartburn, a condition characterized by a burning feeling in the chest and a sour or bitter taste in the mouth. Heartburn typically develops when the acidic contents of the stomach flow back, or regurgitate, into the esophagus, the muscular tube that carries food from the throat to the stomach. Approximately one in ten adults experience heartburn once a week. Heartburn is more common in pregnant women because of the pressure the expanding uterus exerts on the stomach.

Normally the contents of the stomach are held in place by the lower esophageal sphincter, a muscle at the lower end of … Continue Reading “Dealing With Heart Burn”

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Soccer Fans – Get 20% Off Over $100 With Code CLEAT20

For all you soccer fans out there, here is a quick message to let you know that until September 30, 2022, you can get 20% off over $100 with $30 cap with code CLEATS20. Shop now thru 9/30.

This type of deal does not come around often, so take advantage of it while it lasts. And remember that you have only one day left.

I am not going to say much more seeing that time is of the essence.

So, click on the link right now to get 20% off over $100 with $30 cap with code CLEATS20. Shop now Continue Reading “Soccer Fans – Get 20% Off Over $100 With Code CLEAT20”

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How To Install VQMod on OpenCart Version 4

With the release of OpenCart version 4, the good old OCMod function that we have all gotten accustomed to has been removed.

An Events System is what OpenCart 4 uses to enable extensions and modifications.

But what if you still want a bit of the old-style way of modding your website?

That is where VQMod (Virtual Quick Mod) comes in. It has been around since version 2 and is still relevant today in the OpenCart version 4 era.

Watch the video below to see how to install VQMod on OpenCart version 4.

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Reptile Habitats For Your Favorite Pet

Pet Terrarium. Image copyright Reptizoo.

So, you are looking for a comfortable habitat for your pet reptile.

Maybe you have a snake or a chameleon or lizard or frog, or some other exotic reptile.

You want to ensure that your pet stays within certain bounds so that you can care for him/her without having to be searching for him/her at feeding time.

The best thing that you can do is buy a pet tank or terrarium to house your reptilian friend.

You will be sure to find the right size tank that can fit somewhere in your house or … Continue Reading “Reptile Habitats For Your Favorite Pet”

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Tools and Gadgets For Everyday Life

No matter who you are, there is a big chance that you are looking for something to make whatever you do a lot easier.

Whether you are looking for something to help you out in the kitchen, shed, out in the yard, even at work, there are tools that you can find to make your life less stressful.

Instead of spending hours trying to find the tools that you want in brick-and-mortar stores, you can buy tools and gadgets for your everyday life online.

The truth be told, finding just about any tool that you need in one place online … Continue Reading “Tools and Gadgets For Everyday Life”

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Convenient and Durable Water Hose Reels

Many people find it quite challenging to water their lawns and gardens, especially during the dryer months.

This is usually due to their inability to find good quality water hoses that are durable and don’t start leaking from the nozzle and holes in the hose within a short time.

They are also faced with not having a good place to store their water hoses after use, causing the hoses to get all bundled up and hard to untangle when needed.

If you can relate to those scenarios, there is good news that will make your watering experience fun again, to … Continue Reading “Convenient and Durable Water Hose Reels”

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