Aqua Globes

Aqua Globesâ„¢ watering bulbs are an attractive solution for automatic houseplant watering. All you need to do is fill the hand blown stained glass bulbs as the plant needs it. Aqua Globesâ„¢ watering bulbs are a great alternative to the daily chore of watering plants, and it is an excellent choice for automatic watering while on vacation or if you are spending a protracted period away from home for some other reason.

As the soil becomes dry, it releases oxygen into the Aqua Globeâ„¢ watering bulbs, which in turn releases the exact amount of water your plant needs. … Continue Reading “Aqua Globes”

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Trees, Trees, and More Trees

Wilow Hybrid

Are you a lover of nature? Do you like to see your surroundings looking good, your landscape well done with different types and varieties of flowers and trees and grass? If you are, then I know you are someone who values the environment. There are unfortunately many places on earth that have been deprived of such beauty and lay around as barren land. This makes the place hot and humid as a lack of trees and other greenery that help to keep places cool and looking good are lacking. As it relates to our own homes, we can all plant … Continue Reading “Trees, Trees, and More Trees”

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Japanese Flowering Cherry Trees

Do you have a “green thumb”? Many people do and love planting trees, flowers, vegetables, and so on. Some do it just for the fun of it while others do it to make some sort of financial gain. Some of the items that people plant are for beautification of their surroundings, to provide food, or even for health related concerns. Take trees for instance. There are many varieties that provide both food and beautification at the same time. The Japanese Flowering Cherry Trees are one example. The different types are the Akebone Cherry Tree, Blireiana Cherry Tree, Kwanzan Cherry Tree, … Continue Reading “Japanese Flowering Cherry Trees”

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