How To Install VQMod on OpenCart Version 4

With the release of OpenCart version 4, the good old OCMod function that we have all gotten accustomed to has been removed.

An Events System is what OpenCart 4 uses to enable extensions and modifications.

But what if you still want a bit of the old-style way of modding your website?

That is where VQMod (Virtual Quick Mod) comes in. It has been around since version 2 and is still relevant today in the OpenCart version 4 era.

Watch the video below to see how to install VQMod on OpenCart version 4.

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Add Date and Time to OpenCart Store Front

If you have been looking for an extension or modification that lets you add a digital clock with the present date on your OpenCart store, you need not look any further!

You can get the Add Date and Time to Store Front extension right now from the OpenCart Marketplace.

This simple and intuitive digital clock is active, meaning that you are getting time in real time, down to the seconds!

The clock also displays the day and date to make it easier for you and your customers who use your store.

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OpenCart: Add Refresh Button to Extensions and Extension Installer Pages

OpenCart is a great platform on which to setup your eCommerce website.

There are literally thousands of websites that run OpenCart, selling all kinds of goods and services.

There is an OpenCart Marketplace that people who own OpenCart sites can visit to get all sorts of extensions and modifications to provide more functionality to their sites.

Each time extensions are installed, there is a second step that always has to be taken to ensure that they become active once installed. That second step is to refresh the modifications page.

This involves leaving the Extension Installer page or the Extensions page … Continue Reading “OpenCart: Add Refresh Button to Extensions and Extension Installer Pages”

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