Auto-Responders – The Heart of Email Marketing Campaigns

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Business people like it when their products sell. After all, this is how they make money. But we all know that simply offering something for sale does not guarantee that it will sell. Why is this the case? Well, the truth be told, if you are selling something to people who do not want it, then you can expect no sales at all.

That is why it is important to know your target market before venturing out into selling anything or offering a service. To know your target market, you have to do market research, a process that entails studying the demographics of persons who are interested in what you are offering.

I will not be getting into the topic of market research – that will be for a different post. In the meantime, you can Google how to perform a market research.

But, what I will say is that once you have completed your market research, you can then target the right people with your goods or services. Having their email addresses on file is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and let them know when you have new or upgraded offerings.

That brings me to the point of using Auto-Responders. These simple, yet effective, tools are very powerful and have helped many Internet Marketers to make millions of dollars from their customers who are on their mailing list.

Imagine the frustration that would exist had it not been for auto-responders. Many “gurus” would not be gurus now, and the thousands of testimonials about how great their sales events were would not exist alt all!

So, you can see the reason why thousands of people opt to use auto-responders in their email marketing campaigns. But wait a minute – I have not fully explained how auto-responders work. Sorry about that.

In a nutshell, an Auto-Responder is a piece of software that can automatically (hence, “auto”) respond (hence, “responder”) to emails sent to a marketers email address so that he/she does not have to sit around the computer all day waiting to respond to messages sent to them.

In addition, auto-responders can be used to send newsletters to persons who are on an optin list, which is a list of emails that have been verified by their owners as having given the marketer permission to send them emails.

The good thing about using auto-responders is that anyone on the email list can easily unsubscribe at any time using a link which is normally found at the bottom of each email that they receive.

By now, you should understand why auto-responders are at the heart of email campaigns. If you are still lost as to why, here are some points you can benefit from:

✔ They are generally easy to set up
✔ Marketers can write several emails as part of their campaigns and set when (day and time) they want them sent to their email list on auto pilot
✔ Auto-Responders automatically reply to messages sent to them
✔ Multiple campaigns can be set up
✔ Some auto-responders can be integrated with other sites like Aweber, iContact, etc.
✔ Email lists can be imported
✔ Email lists can be exported
✔ No need to sit at the computer all day waiting to reply to emails from customers
✔ Cuts out the need for third-party email auto-reponder solutions
✔ You are in control of what the auto-responder does, how it does what you want, and when it does what you want

I am not going to leave you dry and hanging in trying to figure out which auto-responder to use. There are many free and paid ones on the Internet that you can check out. However, here are two that I would recommend you check out:

ARGWA Free Autoresponder (WordPress Plugin) – click here to download now
xMails FE Commercial Autoresponder – click here to check it out

I do hope that either one of them works for you. While the ARGWA Free Autoresponder is free, if you want all the options it offers you will have to upgrade to the PRO version from the plugin page. This plugin is suitable for the average person who wants a no-fuss autoresponder.

xMails FE Commercial Autoresponder is as the name suggests – a commercial auto-responder that is obviously a lot more powerful and you have to pay for it from the get-go. Nonetheless, check the website to see if it has all the bells and whistles that you want in an auto-responder.

I sincerely hope that whichever one you choose, your email marketing campaigns will explode into huge profits for your business.