5 Helpful Tips for Constipation Treatment

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Got constipation? Well most of us do – once in a while for some and frequently for others. In this article, we’ll look at how you can get all the constipation help you’d probably need. While this is not all inclusive in itself, you can consort other sources for all the constipation help you might need. Most people who suffer from constipation will tell that it is one of the most uncomfortable experiences they’ve had. There are various reasons and causes of constipation:

1. Consumption of fast foods and foods that lack lots of fiber. This is the single major reason behind most occurrences of constipation. Because we live in an “instant” age, fast foods have become the order of the day. People just don’t know what it is to eat healthily any more. As long as you can grab some sandwich, burger or fried chicken and the stomach feels full, everything’s settled. As a result, foods are not readily digested. All the fiber necessary to stimulate bowel movement are almost non-existent.

2. Inadequate fluid intake. People don’t drink fluids these days – at least not enough to compensate for bodily needs. Hence, when the faeces gets to the rectum, the little moisture remaining in it is absorbed by the rectum. Because stooling requires moisture to enable easy passage, it becomes hard to freely pass stool. That’s why there is a lot of straining when one tries to eliminate the waste.

3. Leading a sedentary life. People who don’t take care of themselves physically, tend to easily develop constipation, as a result of the fact they are not involved in any sort of exercise. One of the very first recommendations for those who need constipation help is exercise. The fact that you move around would improve your bowel movements and hasten the relief of constipation.

4. Pregnant women also suffer from constipation as a result of a change in hormonal balance in the body and also because of the pressure of the now occupied uterus on the intestine. Since you have read some of the causes, it would be better if we moved so you can get all the constipation help you need: Eat lots of FiberDietary fiber, which is also known as bulk forming laxatives, whic can be had by consuming fruits and vegetables. The easiest way to incorporate this into your lifestyle is by increasing the quantity of fruits and vegetables in your meals and cutting down on the excess of dairy and meat products. In some cases however, some individuals may find it hard to cope with the bulk of fruits needed. When this occurs, it is best that fiber supplements such as wheat bran, oat bran, psyllium seeds be added to the daily diet.

5. To make this routine easier, when you have the itch to grab a snack, pick a fruit instead and you’re on your way to relief. The only downside to this method is if the patient has strictures and adhesions. Under these circumstances, it is advisable to consult a physician before starting the treatment. Also, some fibers have sugar; as a result, diabetic patients cannot take them. When this occurs, it is best that the patient gets sugar-free fibers. Fibers should not be taken in large quantities suddenly. Small quantities are best for starting. Then, it can be gradually increased if the patient finds it necessary. A space of one week is adequate for each phase of increase in fiber content. Sources of fiber include fruits, vegetables, Citrucel, Konsyl Fiber, Maltsupex, etc.

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