Premium Advertising on Review Central


The following is NOT a paid post:

Would you like your 468×60 banner or text ad to appear at the top of Review Central? If so, here is your chance to advertise your business or opportunity at ridiculously low prices. Here is a rundown of the advertising packages that we offer:

Package Type: Impressions Based

* 1,000 Impressions Banner Ad
* 5,000 Impressions Text Ad Package
* 2,000 Impressions Text Ad Package
* 1,000 Impressions Text Ad Package

Package Type: Click Based

* 30 Clicks Banner Ad Package
* 20 Clicks Banner Ad Package
* 10 Clicks Banner Ad Package
* 30 Clicks Text Ad Package
* 20 Clicks Text Ad Package
* 10 Clicks Text Ad Package

Package Type: Time Based

* One Month Banner Ad Package
* One Month 468×60 Text Ad Package

All ads appear on the homepage only, which is a PR3. Simply click on the “Premium Advertising” banner at the top of the homepage and sign up for free as an advertiser. Then log in and choose your advertising package. As soon as you have completed payment, your ad will begin showing automatically. No need to wait for approval from the Administrator. For information on ads that are not allowed, please click here and scroll down to “Disapproved Ads”.

Important: Please note that if you see an ad showing instead of the “Premium Advertising” banner, it simply means you will have to wait until that ad has run its course before you can place your ad there.

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