How To Get Text to Blink on Your Web Pages

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Ever wondered how webmasters and programmers get text to blink on web pages? This is what I am talking about: This Text is Blinking!

It is very easy to do. Simply write the text that you want to see blinking and wrap this code around it: <blink>YOUR TEXT</blink>.

So, in order for the words above that are blinking to blink, my code was: <blink>This Text is Blinking!</blink>

That is how easy it is. Give it a try and see for yourself. Now you will be able to make important points stand out on your web pages by making the text blink.

1 thought on “How To Get Text to Blink on Your Web Pages

  1. Great post but tell how we can make a text blink while it is having a url???

    Also tell how we can bold or change the hieght and width of text while blinking????

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