Work At Home Job Scams On The Rise

Internet Jobs Scams and Identity Theft

As times get harder and the economy in many countries are in recession, more and more persons are losing their jobs and thus looking for new ways to make money. Many of them are seeking work from home jobs that would enable them to stay at home and spend more time with their families. Even persons who still have their jobs are seeking ways out of the 9-to-5 hassle, looking for jobs that they can do from home. Unfortunately though, there are individuals out there who are seeking to scam such persons out of the little money that they have, promising “jobs” that in the end never live up to the hype and expectations that are promised. I posted articles on two of my other blogs about job scams that everyone should look out for. Here are a few of my previous posts on this issue:


I have stated time and time again that if someone is offering you a job, there is no way that they can rightly ask you, the job seeker, to pay them money in order for you to secure a position with their company. I like how Sharon Davis of “The Work At Home Blog” put it in one of her recent posts entitled Work at home scammers are targeting the jobless: “You go for a job interview and the interviewer introduces himself and then says, ‘Before we get started, Iâ₉„¢m going to need 39 bucks from you. Just to make sure that youâ₉„¢re serious.’ Wait, what? That would make no sense at all right, and youâ₉„¢d walk right out of there. An online or work at home job is no different.” Many of the ads placed online in classifieds, blogs, newsletters and on websites promise fantastic earnings that would allow you to live like a king in just a matter of months. There are also those that tell you from the start that you will not get rich quickly working for them but that you will be able to comfortably pay your bills each month and have a little to spend and save a little after paying your bills. For all these job opps, you are required to pay a “small” fee that will allow you to gain access to their programs. The truth be told, though, is that the majority of these work from home jobs NEVER meet up to the expectations of those who sign up for them. Far from it, they are simply the means by which scam artists use to fleece people of their hard-earned cash.

My advice to all of you who are seeking jobs that allow you to work from home, in fact any job at all, is that you should NEVER pay someone to hire you. That is plain stupid and makes no sense. If someone came to me offering me a job and then asked me for a small “processing fee”, I would smack him upside the head! People, be smart. I have tried a few of these job opps in the early days and never got anywhere with them. Been there, done that! So, please, if you see an email come to you offering a work from home job that you have to pay to secure, delete it immediately. Report such emails to the Better Business Bureau and your local fraud authorities.

All I am saying in short is this: NEVER pay for a job that is being offered to you. It is the person who is offering you the job that should be forking out any money, NOT YOU. You have been warned!