Biggest Firesale in Internet Marketing History…

Firesale Make Money Marketing

Vince Tan is at it again.

In case the name Vince Tan is not yet ringing any bells with you, this is the guy that pulled off one of the biggest firesales of 2007, doing $69,000 in sales in a mere 7 days.

…out of nowhere.

Yes, he came out of nowhere and racked up the kind of sales that some never accomplish after years of being online.

He proved that it you WANT it you can do it. In fact, Vince became quite the inspiration for many a marketer who never thought this kind of fast online success to be possible.

So, here’s why we’re talking about this now, in 2008. you see, Vince is going to do it again, this time shooting for 6 or even SEVEN figures with NO out of pocket expenses!

Vince has made it his personal goal to show that ANYONE that wants to accomplish this kind of success online can do it, regardless of how much money they have OR don’t have to start with.

Vince’s firesale will go live on 18th November, BUT for now, you stand a chance to win the complete firesale package plus some other extra stuff worth $1,500 (or more!) by going to the site below and guessing the total value of the firesale package! And also a $47 instant gift waiting for you there if you join now.

Remember, that’s 100+ top IM products that are currently selling in the market Today!

Of course I’ve already put in my guess 😉

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Vince has already managed to get over 100 Top Marketers to join forces on this, again, without spending any of his own money, so you really should follow this closely, and be on the lookout for the official launch on November 18th, 2008.

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