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You can now become a member of the web’s newest social networking site that was launched on October 21, 2008. It is called Safe List Grande. This social network website is similar to others we know like FaceBook and MySpace. From there, you can do a number of things for fun:

1. Find your old friends and stay in touch
2. Make new friends and stay in touch
3. Upload lots of photos
4. Share links and videos
5. Write blog posts
6. Create polls
7. And lots more.

It is FREE to become a member. Safe List Grande will be adding more and more exciting features as time goes by. The more people there are in the community is the more powerful and exciting the features will be. Sign up today. Once you are in the Member’s Area you can send invitations to your friends to come and join your friends circle and help to build the best social network on the internet.

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