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We all make friends with strangers from time to time. In fact, for some of us, we make new friends everyday. Sometimes the persons we meet do not necessarily become our friends but are simply acquaintances or business contacts with whom we make contact with every now and then. Over time, however, and as a result of people moving from one place to another and eventually changing telephone numbers and addresses, persons lose contact with each other. A person’s situation in life may change so dramatically that we are unable to keep in touch with them and many months or years may pass and the contact information that we have for them becomes obsolete. In a case like this, we need a free people finder to help us to locate the ones whom we have lost contact with. is a free people finder search engine that will do its best to help individuals search for long lost friends and acquaintances in the United States and Canada, providing the address and telephone number of the person that is being sought. All you need to do is to enter the person’s name and state and they will do their best to provide you with more information about that person. Unlike other companies that offer a similar service for ridiculously high prices,‘s service is 100% free. That simply means there are no hidden fees so you will never be charged for using their service. Just imagine the joy you will feel after you locate the person that you have been trying to find for such a long time after having spent a few minutes searching on and not having to paying a single cent to use their service!

Having come to know that is a search engine that offers a free people finder service, visit their website and start searching for your long lost friends and acquaintances. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that the person you are looking for may be living in your neck of the woods.

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