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I am quite sure that we have all heard, for the most part, what other people have to say about the different types of diet pills on the market. Based on the one or ones that a person has used, he or she is able to say whether or not it has helped them. The truth be told is that since a particular diet pill works for one person does not necessarily mean that it will work for everyone else. This is simply because each persons body reacts differently to each diet pill. Over time, however, based on many years of looking at diet pills and a lot of positive feedback from consumers, SyberVision has been able to narrow down the top 5 diet pills that have proven to effectively cut weight. Other factors that have been taken into consideration include safety, cost, weight loss effectiveness, and value.

The list comprises of the following diet pills:
1. Leptitrex
2. Fenphedra
3. Anoretix
4. Lipovox
5. Phenterfein

In addition to the above-mentioned pills, gender specific diet pills that have been proven to be effective are TestoRipped for males and Zalestrim for females. The only way you will know if any of them will work for you is to try them out. One or more of them should be able to help you to successfully lose weight.