New Modifications Added To Review Central Forum

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Just yesterday some new mods were added to the Review Central Forum. Here is a peak at what’s new:

– An Arcade Mod has been added. Now you can choose to play any of 8 games that are a part of the Arcade. You can play in tournaments and so on.

– Members can now purchase, trade, and even sell their credits to other members or to the Bank. The credits on this Forum are known as RevCents (RC$). Members will see how many RC$ they have once they have logged in. Members can also donate RC$ to other members.

– Members can save their RC$ with the Bank also. RC$ are automatically saves in a checking account, but users may choose to save with the bank at some point. Interest is offered on savings of RC$500 and over.

Now is even a better time than ever to join the Review Central Forum.