WordPress 2.5 Coming Soon

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The preceding is NOT a paid post:

I hear that WordPress 2.5 is going to be a great improvement over the present versions that are available. It will have a customizable dashboard, tag management, multi-file upload, full text feeds, built-in galleries, one-click plugin upgrades, built-in Gravatars, and even faster load times. This means WordPress 2.5 will have lots more power and speed, making blogging even easier than it is now.

You can read more about other developments that will accompany the new version at ScreenCast and WordPress 2.5 RC2. I am looking forward to the official release of WordPress 2.5. In my opinion, it is the best blogging platform ever, and very easy to use. Publishing times on blog posts are only a matter of seconds (compared to Blogger’s minutes, depending on the size of your blog). WordPress Rocks!

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