PayPerPost Fights Back Against Google, Introduces RealRank

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In an article entitled “PayPerPost Fights Back Against Google“, Izea CEO Ted Murphy states that he is not fazed by the actions of Google. We are all aware by this that Google changed the algorithm that it uses to calculate PageRank (PR) and as such has cost a lot of bloggers, many of whom whom work from home and rely on blogging to ‘bring home the bacon’, have had their PR’s drastically cut, some even going to 0. Since Google decides it wants to play nasty, PayPerPost (now Izea) has come up with a counter-PageRank solution that it hopes will get bloggers more high paying jobs. It is called the IzeaRank, or RealRank.

It is hoped that RealRank will help to undo some of the woes caused by Google. Despite being lashed from many quarters about the PR issue, Google does not seem to be backing down any time soon. They are now the dominant search engine and as such are of the opinion that they can do whatever it is they want to do. Hey Google, a word of advice: “Let him who thinks he is standing beware he does not fall!” Peace out y’all.

The preceding was not a paid post.

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