For The Love of Pearl – Oyster Awareness

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Gulf oysters are delicacies that a lot of people enjoy from time to time. Many times we watch movies and see the rich and famous munching down tons of oysters, many times straight from the shell. Even the middle class and lower class enjoy this delicacy whenever they can afford to. We all know that oysters produce pearls, gems that are rare and usually used to make jewelry. There are quite a number of divers and fishermen who fish specifically for oysters so as to get the pearls from them and make some good money. I think it would be interesting if oysters also produced gold. This may sound weird to you but at least there would now be an alternate source of gold, possibly even in a purer state in comparison to when it is mined.

But on ae more serious side, Gulf oysters can prove to be harmful to one’s health, especially when eaten raw. This is because there is a bacteria called Vibrio vulnificus that is present in oysters. This bacteria can and has caused serious illness, even death at times, to persons who suffer from a weak immune system or who have other ailments that may be compounded by the bacteria. As such, oyster eaters need to be aware of how they enjoy their favourite shell food. It is much better, even if you are a healthy individual, to cook it in some way before consuming it. Some people may say it tastes better to them raw, but if they are serious about maintaining good health, it is worth their while to consider cooking the oyster before consuming it. After all, if you do not have good health then it will be much harder for you to enjoy oysters, and if you die then that is the end of it all.

Gulf oysters do have some nutritional value though. They provide a low calorie protein that has omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and vitamin B-12. So it is a good food to consume and enjoy. Just be careful about eating them raw. Remaining as healthy as possible is the key. As long as you partake of oysters the right way, you will be around for a long time to continue enjoying them.

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