Backgammon Masters Launches Live Customer Support

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I am sure that by now you have heard about Backgammon Masters. They are a very popular company that hosts online backgammon and blackjack games that people the world over are flocking to. So popular has their success been, especially with their recently introduced All-in-One Game Lobby, that they have now been prompted to introduce a Live Customer Support Feature to their website. Owing to the fact that there has been a massive explosion of traffic to their website, there are many people who log on to their site who need immediate assistance while in the Game Lobby. The Live Customer Support is designed to help such ones with any problem they may have. This is a welcome feature and will serve to make the gaming experience of their visitors much easier. Even though the Live Customer Support is only available in English right now, Backgammon Masters plans on introducing it in other languages soon since their gaming platform supports 12 languages.

While customers play 21 blackjack, Perudo, Poker, and other backgammon games in the game lobby, they can easily access the Live Customer Support by clicking the Live Support button, at which time they will be immediately connected to a customer service agent. An interesting thing about the Live Support Center is that a customer has two choices when they need to speak to an agent: either they speak immediately to any customer service agent or they can answer a few questions that will let the system know exactly which operator to send them to. The latter option prevents an agent who answers a call from having to transfer the customer to another agent who would be better able to help them. Time and money are saved in the process. A spokesperson from Backgammon Masters noted that the Live Customer Support system was implemented because “… the Company believes their relationship with the customer is vital to [its] success” and “… that opening these additional lines of communication will be a positive move [which will enable] the company to enlarge their loyal customer base and increase their points of contact with members.”

If you like playing internet blackjack and other online backgammon games, you can check out Backgammon Masters. You can rest assured that if you need assistance at any point during the game that you are playing, there are customer service agents in the Live Customer Support center who are waiting to help you. They guarantee that the help you receive will be exactly what you need so that you will be able to continue playing your game in their All-in-One Game Lobby without any problems.

The preceding was a paid post.