What To Consider Before You Demolish That Building

Every building is designed to last for a specific lifespan, so when the design life of a building reaches the end of the building inevitably becomes a danger for its occupants and the neighboring area, it may need to be demolished partly or wholly. To achieve the optimum demolition goal, specific equipment such as cranes, bulldozers, and excavators with excavator attachments are used to destroy, break down or remove a building by utilizing slated and controlled techniques. Sometimes, the use of explosions may be a necessity to ensure that the process is carried out sufficiently. However, the process requires experts to oversee its fruition because it is highly hazardous and could potentially injure or cause death to those that are involved. 

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Some measures need to be followed to ensure that protocol and safety are high priorities. If you think that your building has finally reached its lifespan and you want to destroy it completely then you should consider going through the following steps


The different features of the building including the surroundings have to be studied extensively by experts. When surveying the building, things like the types of materials for its construction, what it was used for, the risk of exposure to hazardous materials, and any other significant details need to be considered. 

Removal of Hazardous Materials

Materials that are known as not environmentally friendly such as asbestos need to be removed by experts.

Demolition Plan

A detailed and properly planned out document to illustrate the process is essential. This document should highlight important aspects such as the method of demolition that will be undertaken, a health and safety plan that illustrates the measures that will be taken to protect the public and site employees, and a waste management plan. 

Safety Measures 

When detailing the health and safety plan factors such as a fire and emergency plan need to include, regular occupational checks need to be conducted on the site employees, and measures to safeguard the environment need to be considered.  

Furthermore, it is important to research the two types of demolition methods that are commonly used. Some people prefer to use a non-explosive technique that only uses hand tools and robotic machinery or excavators that can be operated from a distance. Others prefer seeing the building implode and watch it fall and pile up as rubble by imploring explosives. However, to destroy the foundation of a building with explosives, it needs to be large enough. The building can either fall like a tree where the explosives detonate to burst its columns and it falls on its side or it can fall into its footprint with explosives planted into the middle part of the floor of the building. This is the reason why requirements of the demolition process need to be adhered to by someone knowledgeable in the field. Failure to construct a detailed and well thought out demolition plan, acquire adequate demolition equipment, and following safety precautions will have impending consequences. 

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