Top Questions To Ask When Designing a New School

If you’re thinking about opening a school, you’re passionate about educating and helping other people. As you work on your mission statement and find donors, don’t forget these practical concerns.

What Does the Campus Look Like?

Your campus’s appearance varies greatly depending on what kind of school you’re opening. For example, elementary schools generally have one building with many classrooms and a cafeteria, as well as a yard with a playground. On the other hand, colleges need buildings for each department, a library, a dining hall, dormitories, and plenty of office space. Work with an architect who specializes in educational campus planning to find the perfect design for your school.

Who Teaches There?

As soon as you have a projected opening date, you must start looking for teachers. First, decide what qualifications you want them to have. Most public elementary and high schools require that teachers have educational certificates in the subjects they teach, and others also require masters’ degrees for all their educators. The majority of colleges require their full-time faculty to have doctorates, while adjunct professors may just have masters’ degrees. Once you’ve decided what degrees and certifications your teachers need, work with your local teachers’ union to find potential hires.

How Much Does It Cost To Attend?

The price of tuition depends on how much it costs to run your school and how many donors you have. For example, if you build an expensive campus with lots of buildings but you have many millionaire benefactors, your tuition doesn’t need to be outrageous. If you do set a high sticker price, figure out scholarship programs so that children from underprivileged families can still attend.

Starting a school is an exciting way to use your money and support the next generation. Work out these logistics early in your planning so you can focus on bigger-picture issues such as funding and curricula. 

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