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Polyethylene (LDPE) Bags on Rolls

Storage and transportation of goods are essential aspects of getting them safely to end-users. Depending on the application, goods are packaged using different materials. For instance, many goods are packaged in poly bags that make it easier to get them from one place to another.

Many industries employ the use of poly bags on rolls in their production environment to ensure easy packaging of goods, no matter the type or shape. In fact, the vast majority of them use custom poly bags that are designed for their specific applications.

8 Mil Flat Poly Bags on Roll

There are many different … Continue Reading “Polyethylene (LDPE) Bags on Rolls”

Top Questions To Ask When Designing a New School

If you’re thinking about opening a school, you’re passionate about educating and helping other people. As you work on your mission statement and find donors, don’t forget these practical concerns.

What Does the Campus Look Like?

Your campus’s appearance varies greatly depending on what kind of school you’re opening. For example, elementary schools generally have one building with many classrooms and a cafeteria, as well as a yard with a playground. On the other hand, colleges need buildings for each department, a library, a dining hall, dormitories, and plenty of office space. Work with an architect who specializes in educational Continue Reading “Top Questions To Ask When Designing a New School”

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