3 Great Upgrades To Make Your Home a Family Staycation Destination

3 Great Upgrades To Make Your Home a Family Staycation Destination

Worried about how to entertain kids in a global pandemic? When you’re stuck at home, the only solution is to actually upgrade your home. Here are three ways to turn your home into a staycation destination that will give every member of the family something fun to do!

1. Renovate Your Garage

Spray in Insulation System

You may think, how can renovating a garage add to the staycation atmosphere you’re trying to achieve? It just so happens that garage renovations can be great for creating a new media or game room, which is something that everyone in the family will enjoy. To make the space comfortable, hire professional installers of spray foam insulation Maryland in order to help regulate the temperature in your new game room. Add comfortable seating and elements like a pin ball machine, arcades games and, of course, a big screen TV to complete the transformation.

2. Install a Pool

No one can argue that a backyard swimming pool is a fun feature that adults and kids alike love. Luckily, it’s never been more affordable to add a pool to your property. Choose an above-ground option – it’s budget-friendly and you can install it quickly. You’ll also be able to trick it out with customizations like a diving board, pool volleyball net and even a waterslide, if you wish.

3. Create a Putting Green

Have the feeling of the golf course at your fingertips by adding a putting green to your backyard. Any open, level area of turf with no obstructions is an ideal space for your putting green. Once you’ve selected a spot, replace the natural turf with artificial grass. You’ll have a maintenance-free way to practice your putts in the comfort of your backyard.

Entertaining the kids can be tough business when you’re stuck at home. By following these tips, you’ll see just how fun it is to make great family memories without ever leaving the house!

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