3 Helpful Tips for Your Front Porch Renovation

3 Helpful Tips for Your Front Porch Renovation

Stoop Renovation – Pre-cast Steps

The single most important component of your home’s exterior is the front entry. It’s where you welcome guests and it’s where visitor’s eyes land when they first see your property. Inject some added curb appeal to your home by giving your front porch a makeover. Here are three helpful tips for your front porch renovation.

1. Install a New Stoop

If your front stoop is cracked, unlevel or uninspiring, this is a great place to start on your front porch makeover. Your porch also should include railings not just to delineate the space, but also to give visitors some assistance, if necessary, as they arrive at your door. A professional Fairfield concrete contractor will install a new porch structure, including stoop and railings, giving you a safe and tidy front porch area.

2. Add Some Color

Any space, interior or exterior alike, looks more interesting with some texture and color. How do you do this on your porch, you may ask? The solution is simple, just incorporate plant life into the design of your porch. Ditch the tired flowerpot and create some planter boxes using scrap lumber to give your porch some additional personality. Annuals are best for planting in these boxes – you’ll get a lot of variety without breaking your budget.

3. Install Brighter Lighting

A dark front porch doesn’t inspire guests to come to your door at night. Replace outdated light fixtures with contemporary ones that run on LED bulbs. It’s also a good idea to add solar-powered lights along paths or walkways that lead to the front porch, allowing visitors to safely navigate from the street to your door after the sun goes down.

Making improvements to the exterior of your home shows that you take pride in appearances. By following these tips and making these simple renovations to your front porch, you’ll ensure that every guest gets a warm welcome as they arrive at your door.

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