3 Reasons Why Floridians Should Have a Tiki Hut

3 Reasons Why Floridians Should Have a Tiki Hut

If you live in the state of Florida, tiki huts are a familiar sight. Have you ever thought about having one built for yourself? Here are 3 reasons why Floridians should consider including a tiki hut in their landscaping plan.

Florida Tiki Hut

1. Tropical Design

The unique thatch-roofed tiki hut design stirs up sentiments of summer. Tiki huts allow users to be transported to an island paradise every time they step outside the door. The possibilities for tiki hut functionality are endless. For example, many people choose to convert their tiki huts to tiki bars. These iconic structures give occupants an excuse to kick back, add an umbrella to their drinks and live like they’re on island time.

2. Oasis from Sweltering Sun

With the exception of a stray afternoon thunderstorm, the Florida sun is relentless. Relaxing in the shade instead of the sun can actually make you feel 10-15 degrees cooler! By providing a sheltering oasis from the unforgiving sun, tiki huts allow users to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without the sunburn and sweat.  

3. Outdoor Destination

Do you need a break from the monotony of the indoors? Having a destination within your own yard can provide much-needed relief when the great indoors doesn’t seem great anymore. An expensive trip by car, ship or plane isn’t required to reach this tropical locale, making tiki huts a relatively low-cost way to enjoy a peaceful break from everyday life. 

Introducing a tiki hut into your life provides more than just a structure made of wood posts and thatching. These tropical havens can evoke feelings of relaxation, keep you safe from the sun and provide you with an at-home destination when you need a change of pace. If these benefits and features pique your interest, consider adding a tiki hut to your property!

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