Victoria’s Secret Wicked Perfume by Victoria’s Secret

Ladies, are you looking for a “wicked” perfume that not only makes you smell great but also attracts men like a magnet? Wicked Perfume is the answer to your prayers if you answered ‘yes’ to the question. There is not really much to say other than you have to try it out to see if it works for you.

Victoria’s Secret Wicked is an alluring and irresistible sweet perfume for women introduced in 2017. With dark and edgy tones, this fragrance will entice and intrigue all who smell it. For a light and airy opening, the top note is freesia. The middle note of black sugar melts into a subtle base of Tahitian vanilla for a smooth and sensual finish. This warm fragrance will add an edge to sophisticated women with moderate longevity and sillage that will float around you in a haze of innocence by day and mischievous by night.

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