Beauty is a broad term that transcends many different aspects of culture and nationalities. While there are many things that people do to look beautiful, manicures have become a welcoming and endeared fashion statement in many countries. Some persons get their perfect nails done at home while others seek out a nail shop where experts use a manicure table, nail bar, and nail paint to create nail designs that time and again blow the minds of their customers. Depending on what you want, fashion nails can be quite cheap or even very expensive. It all depends on your taste. Some people don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars for a manicure and pedicure while others who have a more tempered budget opt for nail care that leaves enough money to care for other necessities. It’s no wonder that Nails Magazine in its 2017-2018 edition of Industry Statistics Highlights showed that the nail industry is a multibillion-dollar industry.

With so many different tastes and designs, nail art ideas are endless and left up to the imagination of nail technicians who use their skills to keep customers coming again and again. One must remember that people want beautiful nails for different reasons and different occasions, like weddings, parties, formal and semi-formal functions, graduations, or even just to feel good about themselves. Over the past few years, for instance, gel nails have become the choice of many people who do their nails regularly, despite it being higher-priced than basic manicures. Individuals who opt for mani pedi treatments tend to gravitate towards the acrylic nail design or general nail polish design. Whatever the case, there is no doubt that the finished product leaves an impression on the customer. Many women tend to show off their nails to their friends, who in turn become so jealous that they just have to visit a nail salon to get their nails done too.

Creative nails tend to enhance the beauty of hands and feet. Specialty manicures and pedicures make up more than 50 percent of the services offered by full-service nail salons. That shows the level of demand for these types of services. Since culture dictates what is accepted in a particular region of the world, nail art tends to be quite diverse and socially acceptable as long as it is done within the bounds of each culture, to some extent. While the younger generations adapt to their culture, they are at the same time setting new trends in manicure and pedicure applications. Many are aspiring nail technicians who enjoy painting their nails and those of others. The manicure industry is on the rise and will continue to be an active player in commerce all over the world as more pro nails are created to meet the growing demand of the populace. One thing is for sure – manicures and pedicures will never be out of fashion.

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