Lost Your Source Code? Decode Your Encoded Files.

Just the other day, I came across a forum where people posted how they hired someone to create a website for them, only to realize later on that the PHP files for their website were encoded by the programmer who can no longer be found. They now needed someone who could decode their files so that they could see the raw code in order to make what they deemed to be necessary changes to the code. They are not the only ones who face that dilemma. There are other people who have files that have unwelcome links to other sites that they do not want to be linked to from their website. In some cases, they bought website scripts without the knowledge of those links being present and it was only after their sites went live that they realized they were there. One thing I can say to all those people who are in despair over those situations is that there is hope – they CAN get their files decoded by Decoders World. This means that they do not have to remain stuck with useless encoded files since they can be decoded.

The encoded files that you can get decoded include IonCube, Zend, PHP LockIt, CodeLock, ByteRun, and many others. If you are unsure what your scripts are encoded with, you can check the “Encoded Views” page on the site to make a comparison. The service is quick (unless the decoding process takes a lot longer than expected) and you will have your file or files back in no time. So, instead of sitting and sulking that your files are encoded and all hope is lost, visit Decoders World right now to get them decoded.

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