Grammar Checker and Automated Proofreader

Have you ever written a dissertation, article, thesis, or some other document that you wanted to proofread but just never had the time to do it? Or maybe you find it too stressful to do so especially when you have hundreds of pages to proofread? This has been the experience of many persons all over the world, from students to teachers to professors. We all want life to be a bit easier when it comes to grammar checks on our completed works. With the advent of technology, proofreading has become a much simpler task than before. In fact, there is an automated proofreader that you can use right now that serves as your personal grammar coach and corrects up to 10 times more mistakes than popular word processors. In fact, you can instantly find and correct over 250 types of grammatical mistakes, get context-optimized vocabulary suggestions, improve word choice with context-optimized vocabulary suggestions, and it serves as a plagiarism detector by checking your texts against over 8 billion web pages.

The automated proofreader has been used by millions of persons who all have high praises for it. It has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, in Fortune and Time magazines, and other leading media authorities. So, here are a few points you need to remember about the automated proofreader:

(1) Checks over 250 points of grammar
(2) Improves any text
(3) Context Optimized Synonyms
(4) Adaptive Spell Checker
(5) Plagiarism Detection and Citations
(6) Use Anywhere and Everywhere!
(7) Improve Your Writing Skills
(8) Instant Results
(9) Find Errors That Microsoft® Word Can’t
(10) Fanatical Support

Try it for yourself and you will see what I mean. In fact, right now you can get a FREE 7 day trial to use the automated proofreader. Become your own testimony to the awesome power of the automated proofreader. Then you will become one of the 3,000,000+ people who already trust the automated proofreader.

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