EOS Water Ionizers

EOS Water Ionizers are the highest quality water ionizers in the market. The plates come from the Heesung metal company of Japan, the highest rated metal company for making platinized titanium plates. EOS has an exclusive contract with Heesung for their plates so no other water ionizer company has them. They are also the only plates with patented slotted plate technology, which evenly spreads the electrical current over the entire plate, avoiding hotspots. This means EOS water ionizers have powerful and precise ionization that you can count on for years. In fact, we back our plates with a lifetime guarantee. Also, all EOS water ionizers come with a 5 year comprehensive parts, labor, and shipping warranty.

EOS Water Ionizers also have a 16 stage dual filtration system that removes 99.9% of contaminants from the water including an ion resin exchange to remove most fluoride and heavy metals. None of our competitors offer this. EOS Water Ionizers also have a MICOM system for adjusting ionization to the source water, making sure you get consistent ionization whether your water is hard, soft, or somewhere between. EOS Water Ionizers don’t need any special solutions to get very high and low pH water like some of our competitors. EOS accomplishes this strong ionization with a 300 watt SMPS electrical system, giving you a high pH above 11 — perfect for cooking, making tea, and making coffee — also a low pH below 3 that you can use to sterilize your household including sponges, toothbrushes, countertops, and toilets.

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