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Drawing anime characters has become a hobby for many persons who have a great liking for anime cartoons. Anime cartoons tend to have their roots in Japanese and Korean culture but they are very famous all over the world. All those who like to draw these anime creations can do it on their own way – they just need to have a flair for drawing.

Step 1:

Get to know different types of genres and characters of anime cartoons. You are supposed to know what type of a character you want to draw, belonging to which genre of anime series. There are different genres like romantic, comedy, horror, action, science fiction, children stories, etc in anime cartoons. The characters come in respective backgrounds like hero, heroine, a villain, or any other such type. So, determine what type of character you want to draw so that you can draw it with its related features.

Step 2:

Get a paper and pencil or a sketch book once you have decided upon the nature of the character. Now, for the beginners, i.e. those who are going to try for the very first time, they can take some guidelines from the internet as well. There are hoards of websites that tell how to draw anime specifically. These people should be able to follow those instructions very well. Besides this, there are many drawing manuals as well which can be consulted.

Step 3:

Start the sketch with the top which is the head of the anime cartoon character. Usually, it tends to be in the shape of an inverted egg with a pointed chin. In this context, you should be familiar with the character type of that anime cartoon. Sweeping and broad jaw lines are used to define muscular jaws.

Step 4:

Keep in mind the specifications of anime characters. Big round eyes, be it a boy or a girl, short and closed mouths if it is a very serious and confident character, large mouths are being associated with comedy, boy figures very slim and slender, thin eye brows for the girls and heavily thick ones for male characters, etc. You should keep in mind all these characteristics because they lend personality to any type of anime character.

Hence, through these suggestions you can easily know how to draw anime characters. You simply need a bit flair for drawing with some amount of research invested in knowing the different characters and their details.

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