WordPress plugin turns any site into an iPhone Application

WordPress plugin turns any site into an iPhone Application

I’ve just discovered an incredible new WordPress plugin that is available … for a limited time…

This plugin will turn any WordPress site into a ‘web app’ that installs directly onto any iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device!

The apps are complete with custom icons, start screens, touch to call, and a host of other features you will have to see to believe.

Check out the demo video here (these always sell out fast):

Plugin Turns Any WordPress Site Into An iPhone Web App? (UN-TAPPED Offline Market!)

This plugin was originally designed for offline clients who wanted their own iPhone apps. Clients are paying over $5,000 to install this plugin on their site!

There is nothing else like this on the market and you can be the only person in your local market offering this unique service.

Mobile is hot, especially apps, and if you have been paying attention, you will have noticed that ‘web apps’ are slowly replacing mobile sites as the hot new thing. Installing the app
onto the mobile device gives you more control over the users experience, and is the number 1 way to deliver mobile content going into the future.

This is a limited release at an extreme discount before this plugin hits the main stream:

Clients Are Paying Over $5,000 For Web Apps… This Plugin Creates Them In 20 Minutes!

NO offline businesses currently have their websites wet up as a ‘web app’, it is untapped territory that up until now, only a handful of marketers have been offering!

With this plugin, you can share in the wealth 😉

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