Decode and Decrypt PHP Files

There comes a time when we may write a PHP script for a program or website and then encode or encrypt it using a method that we are comfortable with. Some time later, maybe years in fact, we need to make changes to the script only to find out that we have somehow misplaced the original source code of the files. What do we do then? It would not be practical to try and re-write the entire source code from scratch since we may not remember all the elements that we added to the original script, and there may be hundreds of files to deal with. In such a case, you will need the services of a PHP decoder or decrypter. The service offered would simply involve you sending your file, or files, to the decrypter who would then decrypt them and send them back to you.

Some of the infamous forms of encryption that can be decrypted include Ioncube, Zend, PHPIon, CodeLock, PHP Lockit, Source Guardian, TrueBug, Zorex PHP Crypt, SourceCop, Byterun, Swyer PHP, PHP Cipher, CNCrypto, Kallisto, and Eugen. So if your file was encrypted using any of those encoders, you may be able to regain access to your source codes so that you can edit your files with ease. That being said, instead of giving yourself a headache as to what you are going to do if you cannot locate your original source code files, send them to a PHP decoder so that your files can be decoded and you can get on with updating your files from their original source code.

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