Main Answer Price Comparison Launches Community Toolbar For Web Browsers

Main Answer Price Comparison, the price comparison website with over 790,000 products from which you can compare prices, has launched its free community toolbar. The toolbar allows you to stay connected with them and much more. Receive instant updates from the site from your browser without having to visit the website via the toolbar which also boasts a ticker. You can use the double Facebook icon to Like them and you can also search the site right from the toolbar. To do so, simply click on the drop down arrow to the right of the green magnifying glass and click on “Search MA”. Then enter your search terms in the box and press Enter or click “Search MA”. You will be brought directly to the site where you can see the search results.

Visit the community toolbar page right now and install it on your browser. It will make comparing prices on Main Answer handy right from your browser’s toolbar area and you will be able to receive instant updates from them as soon as they are released. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

This post was brought to you by Main Answer Price Comparison.

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