Domain For Sale: is for sale. If you are interested in purchasing it, complete the contact form on the site. This domain can be used for anything pertaining to making phone calls, call credit purchase, call credit sales, online mobile credit top up, or anything else that you wish to use it for.

The domain may not necessarily go to the highest bidder. The winning bidder will have to initiate a domain transfer request from his or her registrar once payment has been completed and verified. The winner will be contacted via email as to the agreed purchase purchase price and how the payment should be made. Once the winning bidder has been determined and notified, payment for the domain name must be made within 48 hours or else the winner will have been deemed to forfeit his or her right to purchasing the domain. In such an instance, another bidder will be chosen and contacted. This cycle will continue until a serious bidder completes the transaction within the stipulated time period and the domain is finally handed over to him or her.

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