How To Safely Jack Up A Car and Change a Tyre

How To Safely Jack Up A Car and Change a Tyre

There comes a time for just about every driver when they need to change a flat tyre. So, you stop the vehicle safely on the soft shoulder, or as near to the curb as possible in the absence of a soft shoulder, or pull off the road completely if possible onto a side road or cul-de-sac, shut it off, and then pull up your hand brake. You then get out of the vehicle, look at the flat tyre and make an annoyed “hmmmphhh!” You have to change the tyre, so what do you do? Well, first of all, make sure that you scotch the wheels before you do anything else. So, look around for some stones or pieces of wood that are big enough to put under the tyres, back and front, that have not blown out. If you are unable to find anything to scotch the vehicle, turn the front wheels toward the curb and lock your steering (in the event that a back tyre has blown), or angle the rear of the vehicle to the curb (in the case of a blown front tyre) to prevent the vehicle from possibly slipping while on the jack.

Good. So now that you have secured the vehicle from running back or forward, open your trunk and retrieve your jack, jack handle, lug tool, and spare tyre. Before jacking up the vehicle, loosen the lug nuts on the defective tyre with your lug tool, just pulling them enough to start turning. Then set the jack under the vehicle placing the jack head preferably on the running board of the chassis, near the tyre. Start jacking the vehicle up, always observing the other tyres in case some slippage takes place. Once the tyre is completely off the ground, remove the lug nuts totally, take off the bad tyre, and then push on the spare tyre. Put the lug nuts back on and lightly tighten them with the lug tool. Start jacking down the vehicle until the tyre is firmly on the ground and you are able to pull the jack from under the vehicle. Then finish tightening the lug nuts until they can turn no more.

Place the blown tyre, lug tool, jack, and jack handle into your trunk. Remove any stones or other objects you used to scotch the vehicle. Then jump in your vehicle and drive away to the nearest tyre shop to get your damaged tyre repaired. You see how easy that was, and it only took about 5 minutes, and you did it safely.

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