Archive January 22, 2010

BlackBerry 8700c Smartphone

Right now, the most popular communications gadget is the Blackberry. Just about every other person has one. The most typical way of knowing that someone has one is that you see them looking down into the palm of their hands and punching away at the keyboard, sending and reading messages. I have had the opportunity of using a Blackberry and even comparing the ones people I know have. The different models all have similar features, but newer models generally have features that older ones do not. In addition, the shapes tend to vary slightly, with some Blackberries being straight along … Continue Reading “BlackBerry 8700c Smartphone”

Review Central on New Server

I am sure many of you realized that something was up over the past 24 to 36 hours when you tried to access Review Central. Well, we were in the process of transferring to a new server. Yep, and I am hearing you all asking “Why didn’t you tell us you were doing that?” Well, first of all let us apologize for no prior warning. Now, the reason why the change became “suddenly” necessary is that we were able to secure a faster server at 1/6 the cost we were paying to host the site. That is a deal we … Continue Reading “Review Central on New Server”

Shop Wise and Buy Smart

If you are looking for products that you can download after buying, then you need to check out Shop Wise :: Buy Smart. Right now they are adding new products to their inventory, so if you do not see what you want, come back again and again to keep checking. They have for sale e-books, software, scripts, website templates, website scripts, cgi scripts, php scripts, java scripts, other templates, and more. You can download your purchase from inside your account after you have made your payment. Oh, by the way, opening an account/registering at Shop Wise :: Buy Smart is … Continue Reading “Shop Wise and Buy Smart”

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