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Just about everyone is familiar with auctions. There are so many different types of auctions around now that you just have to wonder what they will think of next. Most auctions are done face to face while others are done online. One type of auction that is very interesting is the penny or pay-per-bid auction. One place where you can go to participate in a penny auction is Bidazzled. Penny auctions, unlike other auction types, requires that you buy bids in advance and then use them to bid on the merchandise that you want. During the auction, the price of the merchandise increases a few cents and the length of the auction is also extended in order to allow more persons to place bids. The penny auction comes to an end when no other bids are placed on the merchandise.

The monies that are collected from the penny auctions on Bidazzled are used to fund a lung cancer charity. That means when you place bids, you are helping to fund a worthy charity. In addition, there are no losers on penny auctions and persons who win auctions save lots of money when compared to buying retail. Now, here is something that I know you will be glad to hear: if you use the code below by January 15, 2010:

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you get 15 additional bids. All you have to do is enter it on the registration page. There is no cost or obligation of any kind to participate. And remember that you will be supporting a worthy charity when you place your bids. I see a number of things at Bidazzled that I would like to get for myself. Based on the prices that I see for the items, I realize that I can really save lots of money purchasing the things I want on Bidazzled’s penny auctions. Visit the Bidazzled website right now and register. Then place your bids and win all the merchandise you want on the web’s best penny stock auction.

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