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Are you still using one of those analog cameras that use a roll of film? If you are, then you can consider yourself still officially living in the stone age. From the youngest photography enthusiast to the professional photographer, digital cameras have become their number one choice for taking pictures. They are easy to use, lightweight, and use memory cards that can hold lots more pictures than the old fashioned film strips. You can interchange the memory cards in seconds without any hassle.

Digital cameras come in various sizes, resolutions, and brands. From Olympus to Fuji to Canon to Sony, you can find one that fits your style, taste, and budget. Digital cameras come either as standalone still picture takers or a mix of both still and motion photography. Move on up with technology if you have not yet done so and get yourself a digital camera today. You can even get one as a gift or present for a loved one or friend, no matter the occasion.

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