Demo Video Television

Demo Video Television

The following is NOT a paid post:

Do you know how to do something that maybe no one else knows, or that can show them how to do something they already know even better? Do you have a video or videos on how to do different things, like install a piece of software or hardware, bake a cake, clean a stopped up drain, and so on? If you do, then you can share them with the world by posting them on Demo Video TV. It is free to join the site, then you can start uploading your “how to” videos. Just to ensure that only demonstration or “how to” videos are posted, all uploaded videos are checked by the admin team. Once approved, they go live. Share the video URL with family and friends, letting them know that you either created the video or uploaded it. Expose your talent to the world by uploading original videos that show you demonstrating or showing “how to” things.

Advertisers too can take advantage of the expected rise in trafiic to Demo Video TV by placing their ads on it. You have the option of three ad types:

+ Banner Ads – shown at different sections throughout the website
+ Media (Video) Ads – video ads that are played either before or after the “how to” videos
+ Text Ads – these are displayed in the lower third section of the video player

Imagine getting your ads exposed to millions of persons in no time. That means lots more money in your pocket and higher profits over time.

Start uploading your “how to” videos right now at Demo Video TV. Teach others what you already know, thereby showcasing your talent. Remember it’s free to sign. So sign up today. (Don’t be surprised if there are only a few videos there now. In time, there will be lots more, and even more so once you start uploading your videos!)

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