Online Backup and Storage


Backing up the files on your computer usually takes a lot space. In the old days, it meant having hundreds of floppy disks. Then there came jazz and zip drives that used disks with higher storage capacities which enabled backing up information on less disks. Then people started using CD’s, DVD’s, and USB drives. But the thing with using these media to store and backup your information is that you are unable to carry everything everywhere you go. So if you needed a specific file, you would have to find which backup medium had the file you want and then travel with it. Why bother stressing out yourself in this manner when you can easily use online storage to backup your files? This way, no matter where you go, you can access all your files without having to walk up and down with hundreds of disks.

MyOtherDrive provides online storage and backup that anyone can use. Their data center stores all your data in encrypted format. That means you, and only you, will be able to read the information there. Once you are ready for your files, they are decrypted before being downloaded to the computer or device that you want them on. A secure backup solution which allows you to access your files anywhere in the world is exactly what you need to backup and store your files. Let MyOtherDrive be your online storage provider of choice when you are ready to backup all your files.

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