Always Know Where Your Pet Is

Always Know Where Your Pet Is

Animals GPS TrackEasy1 tracker is a dependable and accurate way to locate your dog and bring him home safely if he runs away or gets stolen. This lightweight device comfortably attaches to your dog’s collar allowing you to locate him on-demand or via your own customized, active safety zones. Below is a picture of the GPS device:

Animals GPS Tracker

Here are some of its features:

* GSM/GPRS Quad-band Tracker
* Micro USB port for configuration and power charging
* SOS button to send Alarm
* Geo-Fence setting
* Geographic Surveying
* Data logger built in with 54,000 waypoint to record time stamp, speed, position, and event state.
* Real time dynamic position report based on time interval
* Mileage report and over-speed alert

Animals GPS TrackEasy1 is a GPS tracker that will provide a new level of security and enhance your peace of mind by being able to find your pet’s tracker location at anytime from almost anywhere via the internet, cellular phone, or from our customer service. TrackEasy1 is the only pet GPS tracker that gives you so many ways to look up its location. You can log on to the website from any Internet-enabled device (any personal computer, laptop, or mobile Internet device such as a Blackberry® or IPhone®, or any other mobile phone, which supports internet). No matter where you are or what equipment you carry with you, you can almost always locate all your Track when you need to.

At an affordable cost, it is the best deal you could ever get on a truly reliable GPS tracker. Get your Animals GPS TrackEasy1 now for your pets and feel assured that you can find them whenever you need to no matter where they may be.


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