Installing Joomla and Stuck at Step 4: Database Information

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I must admit, if ever there was a content management system that I really like it is Joomla. Believe me, it is very easy to use, and the back end is very powerful. You can use it to set up any type of website that you can imagine or desire. I have used it on a couple of my websites already and I am looking forward to using it on yet others in the future.

Now, to the issue at hand. The other day I was installing Joomla on one of my websites using the web browser install option. When I got to Step 4 where it asked for database information, I was able to enter the requested values. When I tried to click ‘Next’, nothing happened. That was odd since I never had that problem in previous Joomla installations. It took me a while to figure out the problem. I had used my FTP program to upload some files to another site previously in ‘Binary Transfer Mode’ and forgot to set it back to ‘Auto Transfer Mode’. As such, all the files for Joomla were uploaded as Binary, which totally whacked the files. So I re-uploaded them, but this time using the ‘Auto Transfer Mode’. And voila! I was able to complete the installation, after starting over of course.

The lesson: Before uploading Joomla files (or any files for that matter), ensure that you select the ‘Auto Transfer Mode’ in your favourite FTP. You could even select the ‘Ascii Transfer Mode’, seeing that .php files are automatically transferred as Ascii in ‘Auto Transfer Mode’. But, your safest bet, unless otherwise instructed by the installation manual, is to upload you files in ‘Auto Transfer Mode’.

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